General Conditions / FAQ


Step 1

Please send:

- Copy of the passport of all participants.
- And finally flights details including flight number.


Step 2

BRASIL PLANET will make all hotel and excursion bookings, subsequently will ask to make the payment of the advance payment by bank transfer or by credit card.


Step 3

Upon receipt of payment, BRASIL PLANET will issue the "E-Vouchers" Digital Vouchers for your trip and send them via e-mail and Whatsapp. Is not necessary to print, you can simply show them digitally on your phone to our guides or receptionists in the hotel lobby.
At this point your trip is confirmed, you just have to go !!!
Finally, BRASIL PLANET will always be at your complete disposal for any question, and we will take care directly of following the entire course of your trip.





Advance payment 20% upon confirmation of booking.
The balance can be paid up to 30 days before your departure.
To pay by credit card, use the payment link.
Just click on the link URL sent, enter your credit card details, buyer details and complete your order, it's a very easy and safe process.
Payments made via smartphone are usually more likely to be accepted than payments made via computer.
Note: this is an international transaction carried out without inserting the card into the POS terminal, for security reasons, in some cases the bank may not authorize the operation; in these cases the only other option is the bank transfer.


Bank Transfer:

Advance of 20% at the time of booking confirmation, on the current account specified below.
The balance can be paid upon your arrival in São Luis.

Banco Topazio S/A - Rua 18 de Novembro, 273 - Porto Alegre - RS, 90240-040
IBAN : BR2607679404000005499574567C1
CNPJ: 54.995.745/0001-67

Please note that your bank may apply a commission fee for a transfer to Brazil up to U$D 30, check the costs in advance with your bank.
We would like to specify that tariff costs for sending wire transfers on foreign countries are borne by the sender.


Payment in Cash:

Advance 20% at the moment of booking using Credit Cards or Bank Transfer.
The balance can be paid upon your arrival in São Luis.
This method is valid only for those arriving in São Luis during office hours from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm.



Cancel and Restitution

In respect to current legislation Embratur (Ministry of Tourism) nº 161 of August 9, 1985, in the event of cancellation for any reason, on total travel price (flights excluded) an equal percentage will be refunded:

- 80% up to 30 days before the start of the trip.
- 70% from 29 to 21 days before the start of the trip.
- 50% from 20 to 07 days before the start of the trip.
- 0% less than 07 days before the start of the journey.

OBS: For payments related to the Carnival and New Year, do not make refunds.



Forms and conditions

Click the link below to download the forms and the travel contract.
In case of payment through credit cards, you will need to fill the form completely and return it signed by e-mail or fax.

Form to payment by credit card MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diners.

Travel Contract


Are trips daily or do they have fixed dates?

Our trips are daily so you can choose without worrying about pre-determined days.

Is this a group or individual itinerary?

Our itineraries are individual; therefore you can choose the best dates for your trip and can personalize your itinerary to make your trip unique. Our formula for keeping costs low is sharing vehicles with other participants who have the same transfer or excursion, and are interested in splitting the cost among other people, enabling a better price. We can conclude by saying that the itinerary in question is not the classic group tour where you’re going take the same trip with the same people from beginning to end.

What kinds of vehicles are used and how many people are we going to have to share them with?

There are several different vehicles and boats that we use to carry out our trips. In the itinerary that you just finished reading on the previous page, you can find vehicle icons containing photos, information and capacity for each vehicle or boat. All you have to do is move the mouse cursor over the vehicle icons in order to show them.

Is this itinerary appropriate for kids?

In our opinion, adventure itineraries are not appropriate for children under 5 years old for various reasons. Consider that our excursions, which require long walks that can be challenging for a child, can have climatic conditions such as very intense sunsets and strong winds blowing sand from the dunes. In the end, the majority of our vehicles are not equipped with child seats.

Can even you pick us up at the airport at night or on weekends?

Certainly, if your itinerary starts at the airport, we’ll pick you up regardless of the time of day or night, even weekends.

What happens when an airline changes a flight ?

Unfortunately, Airlines frequently change flight schedules. It’s worth remembering that these decisions are made unilaterally by Airlines and Brasil Planet doesn’t have any power to reverse such decisions; in a situation like this, the possible alternatives are offered by Airlines and we at Brasil Planet, as organizers of your trip, will do our best to adjust your itinerary according to your new flights, and trying as much as possible not leave out anything from the initial itinerary. Ultimately, we’d like to clarify that the cost of any changes made after ticket issuance, as well as cancellation and refund policies, are solely determined by the airlines.

How do you make a reservation with Brasil Planet?

Making a reservation with Brasil Planet is very fast. We can sum it up in three simple steps: Step 1: Please send the full names of participants, date of birth, passport number and flights details including flight number. Step 2: Brasil Planet, after making reservations of hotels and excursions, will require you to make the payment through bank transfer or credit card. Step 3: Brasil Planet will issue the voucher of your trip and send by e-mail. At this point your trip is confirmed, you just have to go !!!

What happens if I decide to cancel the trip?

In accordance with regulatory deliberation 161 of August 09, 1985 of Embratur, the percentage value to be refunded is: - 90% up to 30 days before the trip. - 80% up to 30 days before the start of the trip. - 70% from 29 to 21 days before the start of the trip. - 50% from 20 to 07 days before the start of the trip. - 0% less than 07 days before the start of the journey. OBS: For payments related to the Carnival and New Year, do not make refunds.

Should I purchase trip cancellation insurance?

Our advice is to always choose trip cancellation insurance because nobody can predict the future, and with insurance, you’ll be refunded the cost of the trip in the case of cancellation.

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